Wednesday, 22 June 2011


At first glance I thought I would have found this live brief boring and i was very tempted to chose the redesign ledgard jepson brief. But having researched into the CBA brand and overall feel,  I decided that there was a lot of scope within the brief and it is a more real life brief than redesign one. 

I firstly did a lot of sketches and research into historical symbols and shapes. Looking how i could incorporate the B and A into the corporate marque, as I decided that I would simplify CBA into just British Archaeology.

Having looked at my different outcomes to the logo, I decided to use a arrow head shape, with also looked like many other historial shapes; a helmet and a spade. And after having great mid term feedback from Dave Exley from Ledgard Jepson, gave me a great deal of confidence with the direction I was wanting to take the brand into.

Overall I feel I created a new modern look for the British Archaeology brand, giving them a new lease of life, which is what they were looking for from the rebranding. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011