Wednesday, 22 June 2011


At first glance I thought I would have found this live brief boring and i was very tempted to chose the redesign ledgard jepson brief. But having researched into the CBA brand and overall feel,  I decided that there was a lot of scope within the brief and it is a more real life brief than redesign one. 

I firstly did a lot of sketches and research into historical symbols and shapes. Looking how i could incorporate the B and A into the corporate marque, as I decided that I would simplify CBA into just British Archaeology.

Having looked at my different outcomes to the logo, I decided to use a arrow head shape, with also looked like many other historial shapes; a helmet and a spade. And after having great mid term feedback from Dave Exley from Ledgard Jepson, gave me a great deal of confidence with the direction I was wanting to take the brand into.

Overall I feel I created a new modern look for the British Archaeology brand, giving them a new lease of life, which is what they were looking for from the rebranding. 

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Ideas, development on mac

 BA shapes, introducing the arrowhead on the bottom idea.

Arrowhead, looking into the shape. 

More develpoment of the arrowhead shape, which has the B and the A  in it.

Finalising the arrow shape and looking into typefaces

Final arrow symbol

Placement of type and logo

Final set layout

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Ideas, putting pen to paper

I started by looking into Historial Shapes and symbols 

Sketches and ideas

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Overall look and feel of the brand

For the past 50 years, the CBA has enjoyed financial support from a number of source and one major grant. However this core fund had decreased throughout 2011/12 and will diminish by 2015/16. Currently the brand looks old fashioned and throughout the brand and sub parts there is no corporate look connecting them. It needs to look fresh to gain more members, different people, so they can establish a stronger market position. Therefore they want to maximize there income from individuals through donations and membership, they need more people to know how they are and understand the importance of what they do. More new members, means more digs. 

The biggest challenge to achieve this by making them more visible and relevant to a broader range of people. We need to concentrate our efforts on raising our visibility, improving our accessibility and developing the, messages and projects that will inspire people to join and support our work. There needs to be continuity throughout the brand, sub-regions and young archaeology club.

From my research I really like the overall look of The National Trust logo, its symbol is simply, but they use in a variety of layout styles. So im thinking with the 'british archaeology' of maybe creating a symbol to attach with the typography, to give it a more visual reference and visibility.  

Change the name

Original Name - Council for British Archaeology
Website -

The CBA, since it was founded in 1944, has played a key role in promoting, supporting, facilitating and disseminating research in British archaeology. As an educational charity, we strive to -
Advance the study and practice of archaeology
Promote the education of the public in archaeology
Conduct and communicate the results of relevant research
Advance public understanding and care of the historic environment.
So since, the club has been founded since 1944, I think changing the name completely would be hard as it would mean establishing the club all over again. So for possible names, Im thinking of using the words from the original name.

Other existing archaeology clubs

Ace Archaeology club
Hampshire Field club & archaeology society 
Dig- Jorvik
Dig- Hungate
Possible Names
British Archaeology
UK archaeology
Archaeology Agency / society
Archaeology Community
Archaeology Today
British Archaeology Society
British Archaeology Community